Could the world eventually become one race through the interbreeding of races over time?


Genetically speaking is it possible? I would like to know more about how dom/recess genes work with skin complexion as i’m just basing this question on the layman’s observation that interracial couples produce mixed childen whose skin complexion lies somewhere between the two.. This would also be assuming an idealistic future world society millions of years down the road whose moralities have progressed past all prejudice/racism/tribalism due to globalization/integration/social reform.

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Race is an imagined and completely superficial construct anyways. It’s literally only skin deep.

Becoming one race is more about changing attitudes and how we treat each other. At some point, the skin color someone has should become as irrelevant as the color of their eyes or whether they’re left or right handed, both things that have been used as the justification for discrimination less than 100 years ago.

People who discriminate on skin color will find something else to focus their hatred on anyways. Haters gonna hate. Doesn’t mean you have to be one.

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