Difference between Focus vs. Concentration


> “Concentration which is not the same as focus, concentration is self-discipline.”

I heard that sentences, I wanna know more about the differences.

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Focus is what you are thinking of, concentration is how hard you are thinking of it. Focusing hard is the same as concentrating. People may use the terms interchangeably even if they technically have different definitions.

You can use a camera as tool to understand this. Focus brings objects into clarity at a specific distance, concentration is zooming into only include one object or point. It’s about the intensity.

Focus is more what you’re looking at, you can focus on the tree in the distance or you can focus on a glass of water in front of you. But concentration would entail deeper thinking than simply having something be the main object of your attention. Your focus is “what” you’re looking at, and your concentration is “to what extent” you’re taking information from it. You can’t concentrate on something you’re not focused on, but you can focus on something you’re not concentrating on. Another maybe helpful concept to think about: your “mental resources”. If you’re putting a lot of energy into something, you’re concentrating your mental resources there.