:Do dead/damaged neurons regenerate?


Do dead and damaged dopaminergic neurons have the capacity to regrow and regenerate,does the brain have the capacity to grow new neurons in the place of already damaged and dead neurons?

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Yes, but slowly.

We’re still learning about how the brain and nervous system regenerates. It wasn’t that long ago we thought it didn’t. So I can’t give you a great answer to this question; because there aren’t a lot of publicly available research on this.

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No unfortunately, they don’t. For the most part our brain is not able to regenerate neurons anymore. What you lose is just gone, neighbouring neurons will take over the functionality to a certain degree, but of course once you lose too many, they can’t anymore.

There are 2 places in the brain where new neurons are still born throughout life. But these will only be used to replenish neurons in very specific areas of the brain, they cannot be used anywhere else. There are also other cells in the brain aside from neurons (astrocytes) that can still be renewed, but not the neurons themselves.