– do hearing aids render audiophile gear largely irrelevant?


Curious to know the relationship between hearing aids and audio systems for music. Does the fact someone uses hearing aids mean diminishing returns will happen more quickly (compared to someone who does not require hearing aids) when investing in audio gear for listening to music—e.g., amp, DAC, speakers, etc.?

I was playing something for my mother-in-law the other day (pointing out how amazing the speakers were at handling vocals). She uses hearing aids and after the fact I thought, I wonder if they had a large effect on her listening experience compared to myself.

I would guess this is not as applicable to something like bass, but could be wrong. Thanks in advance for the responses.

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Well yeah, it Is just microfone And speaker with batteries to Power them up. There Is the transport decay, the best microphones Are big And pricey, same with speakers, but this Is made to cost Its lowest And it have to fit somewhat in your ear And it can’t be too heavy. It could also be made for spoken language, it is just 3,4kHz like it Is in phones instead of full ~18-20 kHz of human hearing. Try to call on some different phone And play something near it, listen to it thru your phone. It Will be sooo bad, that Is what She Is hearing

All hearing aids are not the same. Some hearing aids can be manufactured and tuned specifically for listening to recorded music. A really competent audiologist can do this for audiophiles who can explain what they are or are not hearing in a familiar recording. As with all high end audio equipment, these hearing aids can be VERY expensive.