Do RAMDACs in monitors affect picture quality like an audio DAC would?


A really bad sound DAC could make a song sound fuzzy/distorted/muffled. Does this idea carry over to monitors/video signals? Could a monitor with a really bad RAMDAC look worse than a monitor with a “good”(?) RAMDAC but the exact same type of panel?

Is an analog video signal “perfect” in the sense that it will always faithfully reproduce a certain color value despite any potential “noise” induced during conversion from the digital signal, unlike a sound signal where distortion and conversion accuracy will make an audible difference?

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LCD monitors are usually digital. So no need for a digital to audio converter.

Back in the 90s however, we had analog CRT monitors RAMDAC quality was a real selling point for high end and gaming video adapters. Back then the RAMDAC was part of the video adapter, not the monitor.

I remember high end video adapters that claimed to have higher quality DACs did seem to give a crisper and more vibrant experience as compared to the same system with a cheaper video card.