Do we have something like background thought/information processes, all/most of which aren’t conscious?


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Yes! We have wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy to many to count but here are a few immediate examples

Your brain sends signals to muscles to make them move correct? Ok so can you stop your own heart? (yes but its hard and please dont)

How about the movement of your intestines? You can’t control that.

You will absolutly hate me for these ones. You are now breathing manually. You now need to blink. You can now notice your nose in your eyesight. Your tongue is now uncomfortable in your mouth. There is one body part that is uncomfortable right now.

There are many automatic procedures in your body that your conscious cannot process them all at once (it causes seasures)

Have you ever looked at a clock and you feel like the second hand/display seems to take a little too long? Your ears like you to stay balanced but your eyes move very fast, so your brain actualy removes the “blurr” and replaces it with the immediate object that you see.

But now that I mentioned that you can now see the “blurr”

Oh and you are breathing manually again!