Does ketosis burn more fat than a conventional diet


assuming same calorie intake on both the ketogenic diet and the conventional diet, would the ketogenic diet lose more weight even though the same calories are being absorbed?

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The answer is way more complicated than you think. The short answer is: of course not, thermodynamics says that if you consume/burn the exact same amount of energy that’s all there is.

The longer answer is that before ketosis you deplete all your carb stores due to your body’s preference for them. Once they are all gone, you have lower glycogen and blood glucose levels (your carb stores) so your only option is to metabolize body fat and/or lipoproteins in blood. So you may burn more fat as a fuel source, but you don’t burn any extra *calories*.

No, everything in the universe obeys the First Law of Thermodynamics, pretending you can change that with fad diets is exactly how fad diets start in the first place.

As everyone is say. Yes and no.

Your body uses 3 fuels: fat, protein, and carbs. Your body really likes carbs because it’s very easy to use. The simpler the carbs, the easier it is. This is why we love simple sugars so much. When your body runs low on sugar, it will start using fats and proteins which are harder to use but still work pretty well. So if you eat very little sugar, you will 100% use more fat.

However, this does not mean you will use more body fat. You aren’t going to train your body to prefer fats/reject sugars because that’d be like training a fire to not burn gasoline or to make wood burn hotter. It burns at what it burns at. It is still 100% about calories eaten vs calories used.

Some people do have a harder time using some fuels (proteins, fats, sugars) than other fuels compared to other people and may require a special diet, but most people do not. The best thing to lose body weight is to avoid added, simple sugars (because they don’t make you feel full and our body loves it so much that it’s very addictive) and exercise. Another great thing to do is look up a satiety index. This will tell you what foods make you feel full without a lot of calories, like baked potatoes.