Eli5 animals and glasses


Would some animals need glasses and we just don’t realize that or they can’t explain to us they do? Or are they special? I have a masters in mathematics but this has still puzzled me since 3AM.

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Potentially, yes. Animals are not special in that regard and they can lose their eyesight just like humans can.

Keep in mind, though, that for wild animals the stakes are higher. An animal that loses enough of its eyesight to impair functioning is likely going to die – they will become unable to hunt or unable to spot predators. One of the reasons that poor eyesight is common in humans is because we have methods of correcting it to prevent those outcomes.

Based on how my dog acts like I’m an intruder if it’s dark, yes animals likely need glasses. Mostly ones that are kept as pets as I imagine in the wild poor eyesights means a shorter life and less offspring