Eli5: Anime subbed and dubbed



When an anime has subbed and dubbed episodes do the same voice actor pairs always get chosen. Ill try to articulate it better. Let’s say for show “A” they have Japanese voice actor “1” and English voice actor “2” for the same character on the subbed and dubbed versions.

If a different show casted “1” to be a character, is it common practice for the English version to cast “2” as the dubbed version?

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The English dub will not necessarily cast an actor just because they previously did a role that had the same original Japanese performer. For instance, Megumi Ogata has played Sailor Uranus from the original Sailor Moon anime, a tough teenage lesbian warrior, and Yugi from Yu-Gi-Oh, a young boy who loves playing card games. Those roles had very different people playing them in the English dubs.

Generally, no.

Voice actors for a dub are more concerned with imitating an English version of the character than imitating an English version of their voice actor. Voice actors can do loads of different voices, so there isn’t really a one-to-one correlation of who would be able to best voice each character.