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I’ve been using an Apple Watch for years & I would like to use it to track my sleep. Either via Apples Sleep function or Autosleep. But.. I just don’t get it, lol. I’m usually very competent in these things but something about Sleep Focus is just confusing to me.

Do I actually need to set a sleep schedule in Sleep Focus? I don’t go to bed the same exact time every night. Do I need to turn it on & off every morning/night? Will it automatically detect when I’m asleep? Is AutoSleep better? Is it even worth doing at all? I literally just want to see some data on my sleep quality. Help, lol.

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The data gathering has nothing to do with the focus. You should just be able to go into health and find sleep stats there.

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Apple’s native sleep tracking only works when the sleep focus is set. You can do this either by setting a sleep schedule (which will automatically activate the focus) or by manually activating/deactivating the focus on your watch.

Most anecdotal evidence has shown that Apple’s native tracking is superior to AutoSleep.