eli5 :bad vfx is just good vfx which is left midway right?


every person who does vfx can create ultra realistic graphics but chooses to create doom like animation why? what is diff between bad and good vfx

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it might be helpful to think of it in terms of like what is the end goal? is it trying to be stylized or verisimilar? DOOM doesnt pretend to accurately represent real life like when an imp explodes into a puddle of pixelated goo.

something that tries and fails to be verisimilar evokes a more negative reaction in us than something that doesnt aim for naturalism or verisimilitude. nobody is mad at bugs bunny not being an accurate representation of a rabbit whereas something like the “live action” lion king remake was widely derided

EDIT: so like a way to think about “good” vs “bad” vfx is like, does it achieve its goals?

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Not necessarily. Like anything, there are skill levels. You can pay a lot to have someone with decades of experience and skill, who knows how to get the most out of your spec and budget and give phenomenal results.

Or you can pay less for someone who is less experienced, who hasn’t learnt what corners can be cut to save time and money, or who might be technically excellent (knows their way around the software) and get stuff done quickly, but who doesn’t quite have the same talent for art as someone else.

Depending on the project, there might not be a need for the VFX to look top-notch, either. ‘good enough’ might be good enough

It comes down to budget (time and money) and good hiring practices

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No, bad VFX is not just good VFX someone didn’t spend enough time on. Not every VFX artist can make anything happen given enough time, that isn’t how it works. It also isn’t a continuous process which can be stopped at any time and have a product of gradually increasing quality. If you stop a project midway you might end up with only half the shots completed, or some layers but not others. Think about like someone writing a book, you can’t just stop them halfway through and get a crummy book.

At the most basic level there are artists of different skill. Visit the /r/blender subreddit and you will see that there are people of vastly different skill levels, and even if someone reaches the point of being photo-real it doesn’t stop there.

VFX artists need to operate within a budget and practical constraints. A TV show that needs to crank out a dozen episodes in a season probably can’t shoot for the VFX of Avatar as they don’t have the people or the time. The artists also need to work with the raw footage they are given. Usually when you see bad VFX it is going to be the artists making sacrifices to meet time and budgetary constraints, not the limitations of their technical skill. But those limits do exist and the skill cap of whatever outfit did the Supergirl television show is undoubtedly less than those who did Thor: Love and Thunder.

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You can compare vfx to drawing.

Everyone could create a hyperrealistic drawing but only very few do. An ddepending on your skills you could even put a lot of time into it and it wont work for a specific picture