Eli5 “Cancer Fighting Properties” How Does That Even Work…


From my understanding cancer is whatever cell in our body that mutates to be highly incompatible with ourselves thus replicating, taking over, and eventually killing us.

So if a lung cell mutates and is defined as cancerous, but still a lung cell how do these “anti cancer fighting” properties target it without targeting the other lung cells?

It sounds like absolute bs because with each mutation it’s made up of our own DNA which is unique to each and every one of us therefore each cancer is unique on its own. So how would these properties know what to target lol…

My mother died of cancer recently and I got this thought that all this is absolute marketing bs and seeing it on products or pushed (Soursop fruit and other stuff) really makes me angry but if I am wrong I will take the L I just need it to be explained to me like I’m 5.

I’m assuming it’s just properties that help minimize the act of mutation itself but then that would be MINIMIZING the odds of cancer, not “fighting” already present cancer.

So I guess I’m asking:

1. Am I correct on what cancer is?

2. Is anti cancer fighting properties a myth and if not, how does it work?

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Can you give an example of what types of things claiming that you’re talking about?

There’s a very wide variety of things that make claims like that.

Sometimes cancer fighting is tied to the rapid cell growth and cell reproduction which is as you correctly described one of the key aspects of cancer cells.

> Is anti cancer fighting properties a myth

Yes. This is a claim often made about products with zero scientific basis.