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on any sports series, lets say in a Finals series like NBA, where the ending led to a Game 7, What happens to the premade “CHAMPIONS” merchandise of the losing team?

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Gets donated. Sometimes you see pictures of kids wearing such merch in documentaries about poorer countries.

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It depends on the league. Most donate it to a good cause. So it will be distributed to people in neeed. Usually in countries where people wouldn’t be able to afford the original merch anyhow.

But some recycle it while others just destroy it. I can’t find anything confirmed for the NBA. The MLB and NFL donate their pre-printed merch.

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Usually the get donated to 3rd world counties. They only print up a couple hundred for the players and staff, etc. post-game celebration until the actual winner is known… they’re not doing runs of 50,000 shirts until result is finals and then they run the shirt screen printing overnight to get shirts out next day.

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It must be surreal to see one. Like having a misprint currency bill or having an artifact from another part of multiverse.