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what is the benifit/harm of cold and hit shower?Also need scientific explaintion and reasoning.

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It depends.

If your goal is to cool yourself, the cold shower will help.

If your goal is to keep warm in the shower, a warm shower will help. Warm water does better at washing things, so from that point of view, it will be more effective. Not that you can’t was yourself in a cold shower, you absolutely can.

I am not aware of any benefits for either other than that and personal preference.

Extremely hot water can raise your blood pressure and heart rate, similar to a sauna. It also opens up the pores in your skin which can be both a good thing and a bad thing. If you are prone to acne or have sensitive skin, you are more likely to cause a breakout by using excessively hot water. Hot water can also be therapeutic, helping to ease or relax muscle tension.

Cold water does the opposite basically. It restricts blood flow to the skin and closes your pores and therefore is more gentle on someone’s skin. Extreme cold, like ice baths you see people take, can be therapeutic. It helps reduce swelling and inflammation.

*Scientifically* – cold shows can’t burn you and warm showers won’t make you cold. There is suggestive, but inconclusive peer-reviewed scientific evidence that *cold* showers can help speed up your metabolism and improve your immune system health for at least short term effects, though this is far from reliable or deeply impactful. Just being fair and open minded.

*Psuedo-Scientifically* – There are many “traditional” and “holistic” medical / spiritual beliefs all over the world that ascribe to many health benefits to cold showers. They vary from area to area but they generally everything from removing “Toxins” to increasing happiness and calorie/fat burning ability to firming skin. I cannot provide scientific explanations or reasoning for these are they are inherently non-scientific and not provable or explainable.

The worst issues with a hot shower are that it’s more costly and it can dry your skin out. A cold shower is for when you are trying to cool down, you are trying to save money, or to help with dry skin ( or you have no other option ).

Some people use a cold shower to wake up since it might shock you awake a bit.

For most people you should probably just use warm/lukewarm water but it all depends on a variety of factors and preferences. If you want more potential health benefits you would go for more extreme temperatures like a sauna, hot spring, an ice bath, or cryotherapy.