(ELI5) Difference of computer science and information technology


All my life i thought both of them are the same, now in my last two months in senior high school i need to pick a course to take in college, im really not sure if im going to take ComSci or IT. Not asking for what to take, i just need to know the difference of the two when it comes to what you will be doing in your company.

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Computer science will teach you how to program, programming algorithms, programming theory, and basic knowledge about hardware.

I’m a computer scientist and don’t really know what IT will teach you. But I know that people with IT degrees are the people at companies who generally provide technical support to computer users, set up networking, keep servers and computers up to date with security and other programs.

So one is basically to program computers. The other is to fix them.

BInfTech is more like an arts degree for programmers. There are many more optional subjects, where you can choose from a wide range. BSci compsci is a science degree with a lot more compulsory subjects. There is a lot of overlap between the two if you chose to do your BInfTech like that. Altertnatively you may choose a more broad degree, and get experience across a range of business subjects and skip the super technical stuff.

(Source: I did a BInfTech, graduating in 2003. I chose to include a subject from each of accounting, commerce, psychology, earth science, as well as all the typical programming, data structures, AI, networks, security, and so on. Because I chose some electives from business areas, I didn’t study compilers and interpretters , functional programming (Haskell), or Operating Systems. Those are about the only three I can think I missed out on from what is covered in a CompSci degree)

From my experience an IT degree allows you to study more subjects (than a CompSci degree) that would be useful in the wider business world at the cost of being less technical.

(The other big “programming” degree is a bachelor of engineering majoring in software engineering)

IT uses tools made by others to keep services up and running. Help-desk, sysadmins, and network engineers.

ComSci makes the tools. Testers, developers, and software engineers.

IT is turning into a blue-collar job that still takes technical skill. There’s a lot of on-call hours. A BA in ComSci works shitty-long hours and is typically a cog in the machine. A PHD in comSci can do interesting stuff.

Toward a look, information technology professions are infinite about establishing, managing, and developing computer systems, producing networks, and databases. While, computer science is regarding doing arithmetic to program systems to work more efficiently, including in study and growth.

While computer science knowledge isn’t required for an IT career, some IT training is necessary for a computer science standard that next lead to job openings. IT package be trained in many different ways, but Computer Science graduates possess opportunities instantly open to them that IT qualified workers don’t.

The work conditions required of both professions can vary broadly, too. Most IT experts serve as part of a company in order, following private needs or operating directly with clients. Computer scientists, though, operate in businesses, institutes, video game development companies, or as freelancers. Although of which requests more, there’s lots of potential for career increase and profitable job openings in both applicants.