Eli5 differentiate Spasms or tremor or twitching


Like how to tell clearly and make the answers as much as real possible

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A tremor is a slight unconscious movement, usually shaking. A good example is when you haven’t eaten and your blood sugar drops and you extend your hand.

A spasm is a strong unconscious movement that is short, think of the jumping feeling when you feel like you are falling in bed. Or if I hit your knee tendon and you kick.

‘Twitching’ is something that has multiple definitions since it is a bit more subjective. Perhaps you mean multiple spasms? This can happen in a grand mal seizure.

I hope this helps!

Tremor = rhythmic fine (slight or small movements) or a body part, eg hand.

Twitching = not a medical term but would usually describe a tic. Tic = sudden, repetitive, brief physical movements of sound a person makes that the person has some, but limited control over. This means they can suppress it for a while but usually not indefinitely. Repetitive does not mean occurring in the same short time period (all though some tics may include a short period of a repetitive movement such as beating the chest a few times in a row), but over a longer period of weeks, months or years.

Spasm = sudden uncontrolled contraction of a group of muscles. Often painful, but not always.