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How does the digestion process happen when laying horizontal? I guess this question is more for liquids, I’m pretty sure that the intestines do something like a sequence of squeezing that pushes poo down (please correct me) but how do liquids go through the process without the aid of gravity?

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The digestive tract has a series a sphincters which open and close involuntarily for normal one-way operation. The anal sphincter is the last of them. Also liquids get sucked up into the intestine wall in the uppermost parts of the intestine, so down from there there’s no free liquid. If there is, you get diarrhea.

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Liquids can also be pushed around by muscle action. The digestive system is a series or tubes and sacks all wrapped in muscle to facilitate the movement of the contents. You don’t just huck stuff in the top and wait for it to tumble out the bottom, the body will move it around on its own.

Think about other animals with a similar body plan. A dog for example spends all its time horizontal yet it can still digest stuff. In fact **most animals** don’t stand on two legs so if you aren’t shocked quadrupeds can digest food then humans really shouldn’t puzzle you.