eli5: Does wearing glasses worsen your eyesight?


I just got glasses and im curious, some tips would be appreciated!

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Nope. Wearing glasses since the last 15 years now. It actually helps maintain your eyesight and not really increase your number.

No—actually, not wearing them can make it worse. if you’re a child, you should go outside. In head to head studies, children who were exposed to more sunshine had better eyesight, even when they spent an equivalent amount of time on homework.

But also, make sure you’re looking up at things not right in front of your face every few minutes. This prevents eyestrain and stretches the iris muscles.

It gets worse when the optometrist intentionally increases the power of your lens so you get used to it.

My wife has had glasses her whole life and her last few prescriptions have been weaker than the one before.

Assuming you are myopic (near-sighted) then your eyes should be completely relaxed when looking into a distance if your glasses are perfect. So this won’t cause any problems.

But if you spend your time looking at a nearby screen for hours (e.g. a computer) and you wear your glasses, then you will strain your eyes extra, because they will have to compensate for the glasses. So if you can look closely without glasses then it’s probably better to take them off.

In short: probably not, but it could strain your eyes when looking up closeby.

I asked an optometrist this question and they said it doesn’t matter whether you do or don’t, your eyes will degrade at the same rate