Eli5: Explain the game of Omaha hold ’em and how one wins?


Eli5: Explain the game of Omaha hold ’em and how one wins?

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The rules of Omaha hold’em different from the Texas game in that while players are dealt 4 cards, they *must* use two and no more or fewer of them to make a hand. They make the best possible 5 card hand using 3 of 5 of the community cards shared among the table and two of their own.

each player is dealt 4 cards face down. each player must use 2 of them in their final hand.

there are a total of 5 community cards, laid on the table face up for everyone to see, in this order – 3, 1, and 1 – for the total of 5.

of these 5 community cards, each player must use 3 in their final hand.

so, 2 of your 4 cards, plus 3 of the 5 community cards make up your 5 card poker hand.

betting – there is an ante, or initial bet, before any community cards are shown.

so you’re basing your initial bet on how strong your 4 cards are – keeping in mind you can only use 2.

after each reveal of the next community card(s) there is another round of betting.

so after the ante, the dealer deals 3 community cards on the table, and then there is a round of betting.

then the dealer flips 1 card, another round of betting.

final card, final round of betting.

whomever has stayed in til the end and not folded reveals their own 4 cards , and the highest 5 card hand – 2 player cards plus 3 community cards – wins.

if you bet and everyone else folds you win the pot. and you can show your cards if you wish, most of the time you dont in that situation.

so – everyone is making their own 5 card hand from 2 of their 4 cards, and any 3 of the 5
community cards on the table.