eli5. Explain to me why nicotine pouches are considered dangerous?


It just seems like these pouches just contain mostly nicotine which is negligible to our health like caffeine. I started doing them a few years ago as a healthier alternative, but I’m wondering the long term impacts. Seems much better than smoking or vaping

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Nicotine is not negligible to human health. It is highly addictive, and has been shown to have severe detrimental side effects to the heart and skin. There is nothing about it that isn’t poisonous. But because so many people have been addicted to it for so long, we can’t make it illegal.

Maybe the nicotine itself isn’t super harmful. But those pouches habe added chemicals to cut open your mouth to deliver nicotine to your blood stream more efficiently. The nicotine is highly addictive – Lancet journal of medicine ranks Nicotine on par with Heroin in terms of psychological addiction. So it causes those cravings to use the pouchds, which are exposing your mouth to constant open sores. Not to mention the effect of acidity on the teeth.

[**What is nicotine poisoning?**](https://my.clevelandclinic.org/health/diseases/21582-nicotine-poisoning)

Nicotine poisoning refers to the toxic effects of consuming nicotine. Nicotine poisoning is the result of having too much nicotine in your body. Until recently, nicotine poisoning was rare. Most cases resulted from the use of nicotine as an insecticide, accidental ingestion of tobacco or ingestion of nicotine-containing plants.

Today, nicotine poisoning has become a growing concern because of new nicotine products on the market, particularly electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) and pure liquid nicotine. The concentration of nicotine in liquid products is higher than most other tobacco products.

Nicotine poisoning can occur in two stages: early phase and late phase.

Early phase symptoms after ingestion include:

Nausea and vomiting. Vomiting occurs in more than 50% of people with symptoms.
Increased salivation.
Abdominal pain.
Pale skin color.
Increased blood pressure.
Increased heart rate.
Rapid, heavy breathing (hyperpnea).
Loss of full control of body movements (ataxia), loss of balance, difficulty walking.
Headache, dizziness.
Muscle twitching.
Late phase symptoms include:

Low blood pressure (hypotension) and slow heart rate (bradycardia).
Abnormal heart rhythms.
Muscle weakness/paralysis.
Shallow breathing, difficulty breathing, respiratory failure.

The pouches have chemicals in them to irritate your gums so that nicotine can get into you easier, with prolonged can cause irreversibly damage, receding gums . It will also increase risk of throat cancer.

You can easily overdose on nicotine. Less likely to happen from smoking, because youll start feeling really sick before you get there. If you use too many nicotine pouches at once it will easily make you overdose.

this is also why high 5%+ nicotine vapes are dangerous