eli5: Front Load vs Top Load


Few days back we got washing machine powder for our washing machine, later my uncle pointed out that what we have (bought) was top load while our washing machine was front load. We were of the impression that washing machine powder is washing machine powder but when I googled I got to know that front load powder should never ever be added to top load and vice versa. Google said there is a possibility of the washing machine breaking down too

I want to know why exactly that is such a huge issue because both are washing machines with the door placed at different places

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A quick google search seems to indicate that top loading machines use a more bubbly detergent. Meaning you could run top machines with less bubbly front detergent, but not the other way.

The amount of water used in the two types of washers is different. Side load washing machines use much less water than a top load machine, and so the soap will be formulated to clean your clothes with the proper amount of water.

You can get away with higher concentrations of soapy stuff in a top load because your clothes kind of sit in a pool of water as they wash, but side loading washers only put enough water to get the clothes soaked, instead of keeping them in a pool.

I would imagine that top load soap in a side load machine would quickly clog up the drains, and you’d probably have soapy clothes afterwards.