Eli5: Grass should die because of paint at sports playing areas


How can it be that at sporting events the playing areas are drawn on grass and the grass doesn’t die off. Because of the color, the blades of grass can no longer photosynthesize and would have to die, right?

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If you mean lines and markers on playing fields, they aren’t painted like lines on asphalt road…

They are usually made with powder… And that powder doesn’t cover full grass leaf, just part of it…

it depends a bit. often times the paint they use isn’t light-proof, enough light and air gets through to allow the blades of grass to live, and grass also tends to spread horizontally, so each individual blade is not its own plant, but rather many parts of the same plant which distributes its resources.

grass blades are also different from some other plants in that they grow from the bottom. They are designed to survive constant damage from grazing or tramping and just push up the damaged parts with new fresh growth from the bottom.