eli5: how are animations reused?


can’t wrap my head around it.

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For digital animation, it’s easy. You just take the same instructions to move a model around and put a different model on it. The model just has to have the same skeleton.

For a repeated sequence of events (like a transformation sequence, ie Ben 10, Sailor Moon, Miraculous, etc) you can just repeat the entire animation.

As for cell animation from the old days, I’m not entirely sure how, but I do know [it can be done.](https://youtu.be/-KNHaC5pdR4)

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Most animation’s are actually multiple drawings and either layered (so you don’t need to re draw backgrounds) or put next to each other (so you can replace just the head and not have to draw every pose with every face, this is why so many cartoons have collars like yogi bare) so re using the same pictures is as easy as putting the same picture in the frame when “recording” the animation.

But there is also cases where the same movements are used for different characters. This is done by tracing and flicking between the active drawing and reference image. If you watch videos of animators they tend to have a few drawings under the one they are working on and a light box to helps them see the drawing through the paper. Some animation will use filmed sequences for reference (I know Alice in wonderland was filmed then animated) and others used previous animations as reference (I think the jungle book and Robbin hood have the same animation for one scene because one used the other as reference)