eli5 How can Australian skin cancer rates be so different depending on the source


So it’s no secret that Australia has the world’s highest prevalence of skin cancer. Looking for information, I repeatedly come across conflicting data with one site saying that [it’s 36 per 100k](https://wiki.cancer.org.au/skincancerstats/Skin_cancer_incidence_and_mortality#:~:text=The%20International%20Agency%20for%20Research,of%20melanoma%20in%20the%20world.), others saying [it’s 2 in 3 before the age of 70](https://actcancer.org/prevention/sunsmart/skin-cancer-in-australia/), and other different numbers.

What am I missing here?

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You’re missing the age thing.

36 per 100k essentially means that 36 people for every 100,000 will get skin cancer in the year.

That 100,000 includes kids, babies, teens, young adults, middle aged people, etc etc.

2 out of 3 before the age of 70 is a totally different way of framing. This means instead of looking at everyone, you’re only looking at people turning 70, and that on average 2 out of 3 of them will develop some form of skin cancer during their lives.