eli5: How can professional chess player, play chess without seeing the board and the pieces?


As described in the title, how can even some professional player can play chess without seeing the board and play it with several against several players at the same time… is this a gift (that he or she has very high IQ, so he can describe chess movement in his imagination), or is it something that even normal people can learn?

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Likely like muscle memory. They’ve got the board memorized with names/indicators for individual spaces then are fully focused on where their pieces are located on the board

So long as they know where pieces are moved they can have a picture of the board in their mind there are a large number of places the pieces can be in, but those places are within certain limits like the bishops only sticking to one colour of squares.

The rows on the chessboard are numbered and lettered. Each square can be described by a number and letter. Each piece is described by color (white or black) and what side of the board it’s on, king or queen. Any move can be quickly described, as can a whole game.

The average person could play a game of noughts and crosses in their mind without drawing it out. It’s the same process, just more complicated, aided by years of practice and study.