Eli5, How do anti-aging cremes work?


And when you stop does the effect go away?

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Typically they have retinol or collagen which are proteins that strengthen the dermal layers which smooths wrinkles. Like makeup, if you don’t wear it one day, for maybe an adventure outside, you may see a difference. The next application will smooth things out, like foundation.

Unless you have another skin condition that you are using the creams together with your treatment

I had a big post explaining Retinoids and photoaging but my cat stepped on my keyboard and nuked it. I’m trying to be mad but she is purring. I will just add that only Tretinoin has shown any proof of preventing and repairing photoaging effects (Where UV light breaks down your collagen, a problem as you age as you start being able to replace collage at a slower rate).

Note that the “anti-aging” these creams are talking about is only photoaging of the skin, nothing else associated with aging. And while collagen is what you want, collagen also isn’t absorbed by the skin so if any brand of cream you see includes collagen it is entirely for marketing purposes. It has no effect in either direction when it comes to photo-aging.