eli5/how do banks know which account used the routing number?


So from what I understand routing numbers just say what bank the direct deposit needs to go into, how does the bank actually know which account the money goes to??

When you sign up to sell things online they ask for your routing number, but how can providing that alone let the bank know (After receiving the money) which account the money belongs to? Do they use an automatic money sorter?? Nothing online is explaining this to me


Website: If you want to sell things online, provide us banking info to direct your money

Me: I want direct deposit

Website: routing number?

Me: insert routing number

Website: okay here you go

Bank: and here you go, into your account

How does it work??

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Please someone explain all the websites just keeps telling me what a routing number is without answering the question:/

Routing number is the number for the bank itself (ex: Bank of America vs. U.S. Bank). Account number is the number for your specific account in that bank.

Both are needed.