eli5: How do car manufactures test side airbag and the sun visor?


When I put the sun visor to the side to block the sun, and I am involved in an accident. Cars equipped with curtain side airbags deploy. Won’t the curtain air bags deploy with lots of force and hit the sunvisor. In turn, hit the passengers?

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The force being imparted is the same, whether it’s your head hitting the side airbag or the side airbag hitting the sun visor, then hitting your head. The sun visor isn’t a piece of metal; it’s a relatively weak plastic that’s not likely to do more than bruise.

That being said, side curtain airbags don’t explode out as violently as the frontal airbags. You can see them deployed [here](https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/f/f1/Curtainairbags.JPG); they barely go past the handles in the car ceiling, so they’re just going to push the sun visor a bit, not send it flying across the car.