Eli5: How do companies test invasive treatments like freezing fat off or liposuction? Wouldn’t many people die/be seriously injured in the process of making it “safe” for the customers?


Are there really people that just sign up to be guinea pigs for these intense procedures in the testing phase?

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Like most mad inventors, I test it on myself first. Over half a year ago, I began /r/FatBusting (diy crypliplosys) on myself.

As the story goes, crypliplosys was first noted in a child who loved popcycles. He was a chubby kid, but got an indent where the popcycle sat.

Personally I started with a 30 gallon trash can in a refrigerator, to make a large reserve of cold water, that I could control the temperature to 1/10th of a degree.

I walked the temperature down till i caused minor skin damage, then stayed above that temperature.

I believe crypliplosys is an evolutionary response to sleeping on snow and frozen ground, where the chilling of the body triggeres fat to be released, feeding the body though the cold winter. I also believe the dead fat cells increase the insulation properties of the fat.

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