Eli5, how do complex court cases keep track of all the documents?


I can’t find an email from last week. How does a special council ingest, sort millions of documents from hundreds of disparate sources and then find it later? Then how do they present it to make a simple story? Especially if it’s millions of documents they have to keep track of.

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Legal assistants literally go to school to learn how to keep evidence organized and easily accessible for the paralegals and lawyers they work with. It’s a big part of their job.

I think that depends on juridiction, but here I know all the papers the police makes (and gives to lawyers) are numbered, and in large cases they make an index. Something like:

doc 01 emergency call

doc 02 first interview with accused (as a witness)

doc 02.01 second interview with accused

doc 03 bank statement

In simmilar cases the structure is the same.

For finding the needle in a haystack, I use DTSearch Desktop (https://www.dtsearch.com/). It is a steal at $249. You can index on a case by case basis, and simply check the case you want to search when you are looking for a particular document. You can also index your email, and it is easy to update index to include new materials. Boolean/stemming/phonic/fuzzy/synonym searches are possible.