eli5 how do drinks have zero calories but have ingredients?


eli5 how do drinks have zero calories but have ingredients?

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Same way utility companies provide water that has added fluoride in it without adding calories. No carbon.

Just because we can eat something and get flavor from it doesn’t mean that we can digest it and turn it into calories. This is actually important, we rely on eating stuff that we cannot get any caloric value from for our digestive system to work properly.

Fiber is a very generic term we use for most of the non digestible stuff we get in out diets. There are also other things that trigger receptors to give them flavor but we do not produce an enzyme to break them down, artificial on non caloric sweeteners are a common one.

because not everything we eat can be metabolized and turned into energy. Your body has no pathways breakdown aspartame into a substance that it can use, so, even though you can put it in a bomb calorometer, burn it and get a reading from it, it is of zero use to your body.

The ingredients in them either cannot be digested by humans and thus provide us no caloric or nutritional value, or they are under the measuring threshold required to be reported by the FDA.