[ELI5] How do “OEM replacement” batteries exist for a device that is several years discontinued? And do they genuinely work better than the battery they are replacing?

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I bought a used $20 Samsung Galaxy J7 (2015) since the screen looked to be in perfect condition. I do not know if the seller replaced the battery, but even so, how would a “brand new” battery from 2015 be any better than the current battery inside?

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Batteries are pretty simple devices. They have pins that output (and for rechargeable batteries, take in) power and a size they are, and if you can match those the battery will work in a device. Batteries rely on chemistry that means they slowly degrade over time, and faster with temperature changes and charge/discharge cycles. A new battery will generally perform rather better then an old battery. A new old stock battery, if it’s been stored in a climate controlled warehouse, will generally be better then a battery that has been used in a cell phone or tablet.

Sometimes, if there’s enough demand, a factory may keep producing batteries compatible for an older device when support has ended by the manufacturer. If the batteries are up to the same quality standard these OEM batteries are a good replacement option for someone that wants to keep using an old device and has found the battery performance poor.

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The term “OEM replacement “doesn’t necessarily mean it is an OEM brand. Just that it will match the form and function of an OEM unit. 

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Samsung makes a choice for every part in the J7, “should we make this” or “should we buy this”. Some things are easy buys, nobody makes their own screws. Other things are easy makes, they are the secret sauce that makes the product better than the competition.

Alas, most things are in the middle. Battery is a great example. You can make your own battery, but can you make is better/cheaper than a battery company that makes nothing but batteries? Probably not. So, you buy the battery. That battery maker (the original equipment manufacturer) is in the battery business, they may be making that battery, or selling new batteries from the end of the production run, years later.

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It’s most likely aftermarket, honestly. Brands really only started offering genuine parts to the general public within these last two years.

The problem with buying a replacement battery is that you’re most likely getting old stock. Nobody is going to be manufacturing a battery for a 2015 phone in 2024.

(Lithium) Batteries don’t do very well sitting with no charge for a couple of years, so any replacement battery is not going to last as long as when the phone was new. Expect a significant but unsignificant boost in battery life, something like 30%, 2 hours screen on time jump to 3 or something like that for battery replacement on a 9 y/o phone.