eli5 how do people who play at casinos triste the virtual games?


I mean, i guess card games can also be risky if the dealer knows how to control the cards, but aren’t these machines kinda risky? Aren’t they likely to be programed to give (for example) just a specific amount of money each day?

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Slot machines and similar mechanisms are overseen by a Gaming Control Board or similar government body, ensuring they are fair and random. If a casino is caught tampering with their machines they risk severe fines and even the loss of their license to operate. There isn’t much incentive to cheat considering the risk involved and the fact they are always going to win and make money on average anyway.

Slot machines are able to program the win percentage of the game. If it is 90%, over a great enough time you will end up with 90% of your money back. The casino pockets the rest. I believe there limits to how low this percentage can be and some places it has to be advertised.

Card games and roulette generate these percentages from the maths behind the rules. There being two greens gives the house 5.25% of the money inputted. The dealer in blackjack has favourable odds so will win more

All a casino needs to do is win 51% of the time to come out ahead. There’s little to no incentive to risk their gambling license over rigging a slot machine.