Eli5 how do smoke patches work?


Eli5 how do smoke patches work?

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Nicotine is chemical

Cigarettes give chemical

Chemical is wanted by smoker brain

Smoker doesn’t want to be smoker

Brain doesn’t care- give chemical

Smoker doesn’t want chemical

But cigarettes give chemical

Brain suggests maybe just one then

Brain wants chemical

Stop being difficult give brain chemical

Brain is terrorist until chemical given

Smoker buys patch

Patch has chemical

Brain likes chemical

Smoker wears patch

Brain gets chemical

The burden is now on the smoker to fix their habits now having met the brain demands, the patch however has a metered dose and is a step down tool to slowly convince the brain it in fact, doesn’t want chemical

Eventually through patch, you no longer smoke, making you no smoker no more to eventually off nicotine in general

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Nicotine is chemically addictive. This means that your brain physically needs the chemical to feel normal after a while. Caffeine can do the same thing. When quitting smoking, nicotine patches/gum supply the former smoker with that nicotine to ease their brain into lower nicotine intake until they eventually don’t need it anymore.