eli5 : How do the new grocery scanners work where you just put stuff in a box do they work similar to book scanners


Link to what I mean


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Typically, and this isn’t necessarily the case in that one (simply because not there to see it), is something called an RFID tag. In short an RFID tag is coded with specific information, and when put near certain transmitters will send back whatever information is on the tag. This is often used in key fobs and security tags at stores.

We could have tech where you roll your shopping trolley through a scanner and it determines the price you owe and everything you purchased…..but noooo execs and managers have resisted it for the last 15 years.

we have the same Stuff in Germany and also on Work but a number bigger for pallets

its called a RFID Gate without a metal barrier it can read Stuff from very very far away

it doesnt need to be metal but metal is best to block readers from reading other tags it isnt supposed to read

Also that’s a clothing store where they make the products themselves. So they can have more complex rfid barcodes