eli5: How do the rink ads in NHL games work?

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While watching an NHL game, they have made the advertisements around the edge of the rink digitally alterable and can change. They look seamless (minus the times it’s glitched) and appear behind players seamlessly.

How does this work? As it cannot be like green screening technology.

Thank you!

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Essentially this is a similar technology to the first down and line of scrimmage lines drawn for NFL broadcasts. Someone builds a virtual model of the rink and place virtual television cameras where the real ones go. As the real ones move so do the virtual ones. Then on the virtual rink you place the ads where you want them. Using some clever technology (that I don’t completely understand) you overlay the real rink on the virtual one so the ads fall behind the players. Now you send that combined imagine to televisions.

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A fascinating thing i noticed is the ads change depending on which broadcast you’re watching. A good example (for me) is when I was watching a Colorado bs Dallas game. If i watched the Colorado broadcast thr ads would be skewered towards denver even though thr game itself was in Dallas, when i switched to the Dallas broadcast the ads were for their area. To further test my theory I pulled up the game on my phone and on my tv and saw it happen in real time. I realize this isn’t an explanation but my theory for (TV) anyway is that it is programmed and tied into whichever feed is being watched to “personalize and target ” more directly