Eli5 How do these celebs look like there 25 when their 55?



How do these celebs look like there 25 when their 55? Like Madonna or Jenifer Lopez or Paul Rudd. I assume its make up and plastic surgery. What type(s) of plastic surgery do they get done? How much does it cost? and at 39(m) Could I make myself look 8-12 years younger? Or is it something that has to be started at a younger age?

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They’re in an industry where looks are very important. They also have a lot more money than the average person so they can afford personal trainers, expensive healthcare products, surgeries, etc.

They’ve had access to the best healthcare and have the ability to continuously afford healthy lifestyles most “normal” people don’t for a vast majority of their lives.

Celebrities like Jlo have famous since she was in her 20s and still looks like it.

Then look at actors like Morgan Freeman or Robert De Niro, they didn’t become famous until their 40s and look like most normal people.

Where’s the 25?…Their 55 what?

They have professional fitness coaches, make up artists and hair dressers who keep them looking good and when that fails they have people who photoshop/ airbrush their pictures.

Like what most people have said already they can afford either the surgeries the makeup and the trainers. But a lot of the stuff is primarily especially for the women use makeup. When they’re featured on television shows all of them even males have makeup and on images Photoshop, makeup or sometimes none depending on their age. For example look at JLo. Google JLo without makeup, or Cher without makeup. There’s a drastic change in them. Unless it’s something very drastic like say for example hair loss, most of people look the same. Tom Cruise for example has a full head of hair but he would look different and older if he had hair loss. When you compare him to like say, Bruce Willis. Remember the makeup has the ability to hide age spots, straighten the faces and soften features.

Imagine you have a car, and after 20 years of basic maintenance it’s starting to look a little raggedy. You wonder what happened and think about maybe a whole new paint job, an engine rebuild, and maybe new upholstery. That’s you now.

Now imagine you have a show car, and you take meticulous care of it constantly for 20 years because you need to have it always looking beautiful. The paint is professionally cleaned and waxed regularly, the upholstery is professionally cleaned regularly, a mechanic ensures your engine is always perfect and spotless. After 20 years it still looks beautiful. That’s the stars whose careers depend on looks.

These people have astounding amounts of expensive plastic surgery, treatments, makeup, diet, and conditioning to keep up their appearances. Also, you’ve likely never seen them in real life, and rarely in a photo that hasn’t been doctored. Some celebrities look like freak shows, some look their age or older.

You are more beautiful than you give yourself credit. Celebrity media is all about being a farce. Don’t lower yourself by comparing yourself to *that*, it’s not obtainable, it’s not even obtainable by them, it’s not realistic to strive for it, and *it’s not even real to begin with.*