ELi5: how do torrent sites rip movies from streaming sites or live stream them?


Streaming sites would have layers of security to prevent that from happening and yet the torrent sites upload the movies within hours of release or stream it live without delay.

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No security is perfect. Regardless of the security features implemented, the system ultimately has to be able to take the video file from the internet and parse it into visual and audio data.

So, the ripper has to simply find the way around the security. That might be by inspecting and intercepting the data coming fron the server, it might be by tricking the system into ignoring the screen recording software, or it might be by bypassing the security altogether by rerecording the video with a projector display and a decent camera in a quiet room.

I don’t have specifics, because 1) I don’t do that very much and 2) the methods vary based on what you are trying to do.

One example that I can show is [this clip I made off an episode of Super Sentai](https://youtu.be/PgRF8b0ey1Q), where I used an app based streaming service and the Windows Game Bar to record the clip, since the system can’t tell the difference between the app and a video game.

But if I tried to record using the Android version of the app, it would just be a black screen.

It’s impossible to fully prevent it from being ripped, ever. Remember, if it can get to your eyes, it can be recorded.

A last case resort would be to have something ripping direct from the hdmi cable, but there’s usually easier ways depending on the level of DRM

One anti-piracy measure is to block any screen capture software preventing from anyone recording streams on their PC. However Capture cards exist which intercept the feed from your PC to the monitor and record the footage to a storage device or a PC.

I think the normal way is requesting the stream through a script they made. Normally when you watch a stream stuff is happening in the background that requests the video from the streaming website like netflix. The server thinks the script is a normal user requesting a stream. It bypasses the frontend stuff like what your browser sees and grabs the feed directly from the server and saves it. This is how youtube downloaders essentially work too.

Its more technical then that but thats the eli5 answer.