eli5: how do you go from generator to toaster power?


It has always been a question of mine that ive never gotten answered in a way that I understand. Like, how do you go from motion in my generator to electricity for my toaster? how does the energy go from spinny-magnet in the box outside to lightning in my walls? I don’t understand.

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Electromagnetic induction.

Motor spins, disrupts electrons using magnets, converting mechanical energy into electrical energy and pushing the electricity through. A little bit like a pump for electrons?

Spinny magnet sets up a field that induces a chain reaction of electric fields along the wire going into your house.

This transformation from kinetic to electrical energy carries right through the wires looking for somewhere to complete a circuit so a current can be induced. Toaster is plugged in and turned on and wham! Instant circuit with a tiny bit of it being along wires that can’t quite handle all the current, so the excess energy is shed as heat and light.

Electricity and magnetism are two sides of the same coin called electromagnetism. So they can affect one another.

A spinning magnet can sort of “push” electrons in nearby wires, creating a current and therefore generating electricity.

Conversely, an electric current can “push” a magnet. That’s how we can turn electricity back into spinning in electric motors.

Have you ever sat in a bathtub full of water and swoosh back and forth? The water sloshes all about back and forth.

In the wire that’s coiled around the magnet, the water could be thought of as electrons and the magnet as your body.

The magnet swooshes back and forth, which creates an electric field (a bathtub full of water), and with that swooshing electric field, the electrons then move.

Just like a river of water turning a wheel, that turning wheel can now be setup with a series of gears and things to drive a hammer or a grain mill.

Electronics are made in a way to capitalize on the flow of electrons, rather than water. Afterall, electrons are orders of magnitude smaller than a flowing river.

Basically, we convert motion to motion elsewhere; electricity is just on a very small scale.

There is a lot of misconception about how power flows through power lines due to the incorrect teaching that elections flow down a power line. Give these videos a view, they explain the use of electricity and magnetism together get power working.

Part 1 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bHIhgxav9LY

Part 2 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oI_X2cMHNe0