eli5: how does ai detection work?


eli5: how does ai detection work?

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It does not. Im not sure where you mean this happrns, the only thing i can think about are captchas, do you mean these?

Generative AI learns the patterns that humans use to do things such as writing or making art. Descriminator AI also learns these patterns to a degree, but determines through classification or regression whether or not too many / too frequently patterns are found for a human to have created it.

People are unique and not always perfect, which AI struggles at more than we do. At face value the output of a generative AI may look like something a human made, but a discriminator is trained to figure out where the generator may have used stochastic choice (random) to appear imperfect in a way that a person wouldn’t, or it follows the “rules” of the task more strictly than a person would.

I’m sure they’re not all created equally, but this is one way that they work.

The ai text detector starts at the beginning word of a text and checks how likely the following word is to come after it. Think about the predictive text feature on your phone. The more often the next word is predicable, the higher likelihood that it was written by a chatbot. Chat bots have a high frequency of predictable text and humans have a mixed frequency of predictable text.