ELI5- How does ohms (resistance) effect/work in vape atomizers?



ELI5- How does ohms (resistance) effect/work in vape atomizers?

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It’s like when you rub your hands together and friction heats them up. The rubbing is current thru the heating element and friction is the resistance.

Think of it like an electric stove top’s coil. Current is being generated and that current encounters resistance. The heat of the coil is a byproduct of that.

Source: apprentice electrician

Somewhat off topic and I do not myself vape, but I wonder why these components are not rated in Watts, which are a unit for power aka heat.

Think of putting butter in a overheated frying pan, it will cook, then burn and it will fill the kitchen with a smell or even smoke. The vaping pen uses an electrical heating element as the frying pan and it allows a very small amount of the vaping oil to reach the element. It will heat up and you inhale the smoke.

It’s all about the heat released from the coil to aerosolize the eliquid. Ohm’s law tells you that current increases with lower resistance (with costant voltage) and with higher voltage (constant resistance). For many reasons, coils with lower resistances are used to increase the current and increase the vapor produced as opposed to increasing voltage.

ELI5 explanation: lower resistance = more electricity can pass through = more power = more vapour