eli5 how does oil when deep frying not go all over the place?

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when im heating up a small amount of oil, it jumps and “burns” me a little. how does a huge pan of oil not do this?

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The splattering comes from moisture on whatever it is you’re frying turning into steam, and that steam ejecting a small amount of oil with it. If you fry something very dry or without surface moisture it won’t splatter

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With enough oil, its surface tension will tend towards keeping it together. This means that a bigger pot of oil will splatter less than a smaller pan covering of oil.

Of course, this is just a relative amount. Deep frying *will* still splatter, especially if there’s enough water in the food (it’s why there’s a meme out there about deep frying a bunch of ice as a way to aggressively quit a restaurant job). So deep frying establishments will have safety measures, such as keeping people further from the oil or having a mesh of some sorts protecting people when there’s extra risk of splatter.