Eli5: How does Spotify ad works?


As titles suggests, how does targeted ad works for app like Spotify that doesn’t have access to my location? I was in library for 15mins and as soon as I left I started getting books related ads.
I didn’t google any book related topics past 2 weeks.
Thanks in advance.

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Here is an article describing how they get their information – https://www.searchdiscovery.com/blog/spotify-ads/

Here is some quotes from the article

“Spotify has first-party demographics data that gives insights into user age, location, gender, and languages.”

“By being able to examine listening behaviors, advertisers are able to look into user interests and fan bases.”

“Spotify not only pays attention to listening behaviors based on music, but it also provides insights based on the podcasts that users listen to. In addition to just listening insights, because of its dynamic user experience, it can provide advertisers with context about users regarding the different platforms and devices that users use.”

“When it comes to user data and policy, Spotify collects user information in order to assist with improving advertising and targeting efforts. According to the privacy policy, depending on the specific use of information, Spotify has to ask user permission for some, but not all.

For example, in the use of cookies for marketing and advertising, the law requires Spotify to get consent from users. Spotify might not need to ask consent when it collects personal data for tailoring ads to user interests, but this varies by region and platform.

User data gets shared to advertising and marketing partners so that users are presented with relevant ad and marketing efforts. These advertising and marketing partners are shown user data and usage data information. Users are allowed to change settings so that Spotify stops tailoring advertisements to them, but that is virtually the only option for stopping the use of their information for advertising, aside from unsubscribing to the platform.

Within Ad Studio, advertisers can access different targeting capabilities available to reach their audience.”