Eli5: How does water manage to stick to my upside down saucepan still almost 20 hours after the dishwasher finished its programme?


I’ve been lazy and emptied my dishwasher just now which finished yesterday. What I noticed is that even though my saucepan us upside down, there still water in in. It’s not a lot, but there’s not an insignificant amount either. Small patches that I have to shake the pan to get rid of.

How does this work? How has gravity not taken care of it?

In: Physics

It’s not a function of time when the water drop has reached stability. Its not like the gravity gets bigger after a period of time. Not factoring in other things like evaporation, then one can see that if the water haven’t dropped from the saucepan at one point then there would be no reason for the water to drop later, provided the exact same conditions