Eli5: How does your body reject alcohol, but not other liquids?


Long story short: I am hung over af right now. Tried fixing it with a shot of vodka, bad idea. As soon as it entered my mouth I started gulping. Then I swallowed, it came right back out. It burned my throat, so i went straight to water, which went down easy.
I know body rejects poison this way, but I really wanted that vodka. Why wont my brain and body cooperate with me?

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Alcohol is actually a toxin to your body, so when you drink it, your liver needs to work hard to break it down and remove it from your system. If you drink too much, your liver can become overwhelmed, and you may experience unpleasant symptoms. When you consume alcohol, your body’s natural response is to expel it by vomiting, as it recognizes it as a harmful substance. That’s why when you took the shot of vodka, your body immediately tried to get rid of it by making you feel sick. In contrast, water is not harmful to your body, so it can easily be absorbed without any issues.

Because you know and your brain knows that what you’re drinking caused you to be hung over.

First time being hung over?

P.S, “hair of the dog” hangover fix only delays the hangover. Eat something greasy

Hangovers are just acute dehydration. Your body uses water to get rid of the alcohol (cause it’s poison, like you said). Drinking more alcohol will only dehydrate you more, and your body knows it, so they get rid of it. Water is the way to get over or even prevent a hangover. When you drink, for every alcoholic drink, have a glass of water. You’ll never have a hangover again. (Unless you’re an alcoholic who doesn’t know their limits)

On top of other answers about alcohol dehydrating you, pretty much everything we drink other than hard liquor is mostly water.