eli5 How General Anaesthesia works?


I recently had a surgery where I had to be under General Anaesthesia for a while. I did see some changes in my body after a day. Whole body was awoken nd I was nauseous. I just wanted to understand what makes our body work the way it does under Anaesthesia. TIA.

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There’s no way to explain like someone is five or fifty as there is no precise understanding of how anaesthesia works. They suppress neural activity, but no-one is sure precisely how

[This article has an overview](https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/how-does-anesthesia-work/) – but it’s a tad over ELI5 and ends with:-
>Thus the simple answer to the question “How does anesthesia work?” is that, although we know a great deal about the physiologic effects and macroscopic sites of action, we don’t yet know the molecular mechanism(s) of action for general anesthetics. Many of the tools necessary to answer these questions now exist and we can look forward to new insights into how this great boon to humanity works at the molecular level.