ELI5 How have Olympic gymnasts improved so much from back in the day.


I was watching old gymnast clips on YouTube and the routines look extremely simple compared to the level of acrobatics that go on in modern day gymnastics. Why does it seem like now gymnasts are able to do incredible feats that people didn’t do before.


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Like most modern professional sports, I think a lot of it has to do with the training and dedication to it. It’s not just a hobby anymore, per say. The athletes dedicate their whole lives, starting in early childhood, trying to make it. Gymnasts from decades ago, at least from what I know of the women’s side, were actually women in their mid 20s and early 30s but now, that’s the age of retirement from actual competition. Now they’re barely early college aged because they are still ‘limber and nimble.’

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Training techniques have improved. The technology accessible to help athletes have improved. Those old gymnasts are coaches now, so they are able to teach the new ones their old routines and improve on them. The cycle then repeats.

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Back then people still needed jobs, now they dont and can practice harder for longer. And science helps by showing then methods on improving motions. You cam find cool videos on youtube