eli5 how high frame rates make special effects worse?


One of the complaints of movies like that was that you could see how fake the effects were, how other worldly creatures were just guys in make up. My one theory is they had to use more light or male the camera more light sensitive, allowing it to catch more detail.

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If things are moving across the screen, a higher frame rate means less motion blur, and thus a clearer image, which could reveal details you’d otherwise miss.

But for anything that stays still for a moment, there’s not going to be a real difference.

Sort of the opposite. Higher frame rate meant each frame captured a smaller slice of time meaning less motion blur which hide details.

Tho this could of been solved if in when using double frame rate a 360 degree camera angle was used.

How much more apparent this made the special effects is debatable and some of the complaints i expected to be people looking for an explanation for not liking something purely because it was slightly different from what the are accustom to.

That fluid look is associated with interlaced footage from live tv, sports, old soap operas etc, so apart from any extra visual clarity, there’s a psychological effect from experiencing a “movie” with this motion cadence.

Movies shot at 24fps on film or progressive-scan digital have a more dreamlike quality which helps the audience to suspend their disbelief. If you use a high frame rate, the audience may feel like something is ‘off’ and start looking closely at the set, makeup etc.

It’s not totally to do with motion blur, since a lot of movies have static shots where nothing in the background is moving and therefore has zero motion blur.