eli5: How important is the consistent spread of macro nutrients?


I understand the importance of spreading out your macro nutrient intake, but over how long period do you need to consume them.

Would eating 0 grams protein one day, 100 grams next, and 200 grams third day even out?

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There’s not a single answer. How much protein your body can absorb at a time doesn’t have great data and there’s lots of assertions from 25g to unlimited floating around.

At an extreme, you could eat 0 calories for three days and then 6000 calories. That’s very clearly not the same as 2000 per day. That may not be the same when comparing 2000 over 8 hours versus 2000 spread over 16.

Unfortunately, it’s complicated. Eating basically reasonably on a daily basis is probably better, but even that is a weak probably. Nutrition science is lacking.

Some nutrients have much shorter shelf life and you can only absorb so much of it as well.

Vitamin Pills are mostly just turned into piss.

You don’t need to eat Spinach and Blueberries and Salmon everyday but you shouldn’t not eat them ever.

There are also many things that food has that aren’t on the labels but you should consume.

In general a variety of food sources and if it helps also try and get as many different colors as possible (Reds, Greens, Blues, Oranges, Yellows not just brown, white, black and “golden”).


I’d like someone with more knowledge to help me with this thought:

I’m under the impression that if you eat “this” with “this” (or maybe it’s make sure to drink as well?) that you have a better chance at actually absorbing the nutrients. I forget what “this” is.