eli5 ~ How is calcium important for oral health?


My gums supporting the teeth looks discolored. It is brownish black in colour. Is it because of lack of calcium?

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Calcium keep your teeth good.

That’s the simplest way I can say it without being wrong. Calcium is important for bones and teeth (kinda the same thing but not really). Without calcium, your teeth can become week and be more prone to cavities.

Your gums aren’t part of your teeth. They definitely strengthen or weaken one another, it’s a pretty codependent relationship, but they’re not the same. Calcium deficiency bad enough to hurt your gums would weaken your teeth and the other bones in your body.

It’s more likely you’ve got an infection in your gums (caused by poor oral hygiene most like, but there are other possibilities). Just go see a dentist, they’ll be able to help you better than any Reddit sub.

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